Cathy Vogan's 2017 STUDENT FEEDBACK

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“Many thanks for your teaching during this week with the FCP cluster applications. 

I enjoyed your teaching style and discussions. Kind regards.”

Pietro Tedesco, Technical Support Team, ABC Melbourne



“I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Rebecca Hawson, Training Manager, Apple Australia




“I love the way you laid that (Training Menu) out, considering I'm such a foodie.”

Julianne Goss, Production Manager, ABC Melbourne






“Cathy is an experienced digital practitioner and has a good technical and creative grasp of the software and an established field of practice. She has taught a diverse range of groups including full time AFTRS students in Digital Media, Cinematography and Design specialisations and industry clients from editing, visual effects, animation and graphic design backgrounds. She has helped AFTRS establish a national short course program designed to lift the skill set of film and television practitioners.”

Peter Giles, Head of Digital Media, Australian Film, TV and Radio School



"Thanks so very much for your wealth of knowledge and help."

Kel Nunn, After Effects Student



“Working across industry and studio practice is a very significant development for the most adventurous new media artists and her ((Ms Vogan’s) practice leads the way in this respect… I also know Catherine to be an excellent teacher and a role model for younger artists.”

Anthony Bond, Acting Director, Art Gallery of NSW



“Thank you for a really wonderful course.”

Alla Bekker, VFX Student



“L'equipe de phenomenon vous remercie pour la formation que vous nous avez donné sur After Effect.

Nous avons déją appliqué nos nouvelles connaissances pour certain de nos projets.”


The Phenomenon team thank you for the training you gave us in After Effects.

We have already started to apply our newfound knowledge for certain projects.

Laetitia Belen, Phenomenon Event Services, Perth, WA


“The showreel looks fantastic!  You've done such a good job.”

Belinda Middleweek, Producer, Network 7

“We're going full steam ahead with Support Partners - we LOVE them!“

Cath A. Macaulay, Production Manager, Disney Australia

Cathy Vogan at SP




“Elle s’est montrée trŹs généreuse et patiente dans la formation de nos jeunes employés. En échange, nous l’avons soutenu en lui laissant un acces libre ą tout notre material pour sa création personnelle”


She benevolently and patiently trained our young employees. In exchange, we supported her creative work by giving her free access to all of our equipment.

Damian Saintier, Director, Kiron Television, Paris, France




“Cathy Vogan est une des rares artistes qui maĒtrise complŹtement l’ensemble de notre environnement technique”


Cathy Vogan is one of the rare artists who completely masters our entire technical environnment.

Pierre Bongiovanni, Director, CICV Centre de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer, France



“To combine abilities to work in industry, teaching and art shows qualities of versatility and adaptability. Cathy’s approach to teaching has demonstrated an ability to communicate often-complex technical skills alongside sophisticated conceptual ideas.”

Julie Rrap, Lecturer in Fine Arts, SOCA, UWS; Board Member, MCA, Sydney




“Ms Vogan’s position as a Professor of Electronic Art at the prestigeous Ecole Superieure de l’Image de Poitiers, and her teaching at the Université de Paris VIII amply demonstrate the esteem in which her work is held in the international arena. Her collaborations with many internationally renowned artists and filmmakers and the prizes awarded to her work, give further evidence of the high standard she has achieved and the recognition her work has garnered.”

Anne Rutherford, Lecturer in Screen Studies, UNSW




“I am very familiar with Ms Vogan’s work and believe that her experience in New Media and Electronic Art production will be forever beneficial to both Professional and Academic Australian Culture.”

Damian Castaldi, Lecturer in Audio Production and Net Cultures & Practices, UTS




“C’est pour moi un privilŹge et un honneur de confirmer ici le rôle essentiel de Cathy Vogan dans la conception et le developpement depuis 1991 du Centre International de Création et de Formation dans les Arts Electroniques FEARLESS, devenu en 97 FEARLESS MEDI@TERRANEE, et ą travers ce projet et d’autres, d’une faćon générale, dans l’évolution de la création contemporaine dans les arts électroniques en France et dans le monde”


It is a privilege and an honour for me to confirm the essential role of Cathy Vogan played since 1991, in the conception and development of FEARLESS: the Parisian-based centre for creation and mentoring (known as FEARLESS MEDI@TERRANEE since 97). Through this project and others, and in a more general manner, she holds a unique place in the evolution of contemporary electronic art in France and the world.

Domink Barbier, Head of Digital Media, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Marseille 




“Le parcours singulier de Madame Vogan alliant un parcours artistique indeniable, dans le champ de l’image numerique, a une forte competence technologique, procure un statut cardinal a son enseignement dans le dispositif pedagogique de notre etablissement.”


Ms Vogan’s singular experience, allied to a significant artistic history within the field of digital imaging, with a high level of technological competence, gives a cardinal staute to her teaching at our establishment.

Michel Bompieyre, Director, European School of Visual Arts, Poitiers, France




“Her dedication is absolute”

Jim Allen, Head of School, SCA (1985)




“Many will no doubt join me in delight at the prospect of having her return to work in Australia”

Sinead Roarty, Senior Writer, Singleton Ogilvy Interactive


Apple Certified Trainer